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At Virtual Secretary, we not only answer your phone and receive a message. We differentiate ourselves by providing a full-service appointment scheduling solution for companies looking to increase their revenue, improve the customer experience, and reduce costs.

Our approach is collaborative and high-contact, with a focus on designing a custom appointment scheduling service that benefits your business

  • Increase Appointments - We provide your company with extended hours and coverage during your employees' breaks or absences to ensure you don't miss out on the opportunity to schedule more appointments.

  • Personalized service: Our professional receptionists provide a personalized service that represents your business.

  • Improve the customer experience: we free up your staff to better serve your customers in the office.

  • Pay for productive time - Our rates are based on phone minutes used, which means you don't pay for employee non-productive time.

  • Reduce human resource needs: We incur the cost of hiring, training, and supporting employees, reducing their operational expenses.

  • Lower Operational Expenses: Our service minimizes the need for you to dedicate staff and space for appointment scheduling.

  • Reliable and Secure: We can guarantee you uninterrupted service using our highly secure and flexible cloud-based technology.

Let's Start Working Together!

Our appointment scheduling service includes several features that make it easy to use Virtual Secretary and give you peace of mind that the process works as designed.

I mean

  • Appointment reminder calls

  • Online custom calendar tool

  • Procedures programmed to guarantee that our service is an extension of your business.

  • Bilingual professionals to serve their diversity of clients.

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your customers always have a contact

  • 100% call recording for quality purposes

  • We use custom scorecards to measure the quality of calls

  • Ongoing training to ensure that our professionals are kept up-to-date with their business processes.

  • Monthly service agreement without long-term commitment. We also have long-term plans, at a lower cost.

At Virtual Secretary, we make it easy for you to take full advantage of the benefits and features of our appointment scheduling service.

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