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At Virtual Secretary we go beyond a simple collaboration. We get involved to offer you the best service always. We are a support for your company and we offer you all our administrative experience so that all the processes of your company or business are agile and fast.

I mean

Administrative tasks are usually the ones that suffer the most from the lack of time in companies. They are many, small and heavy, but necessary. That is why we help you in the day-to-day administration and we optimize the processes of your company or business to give it that professional touch of Virtual Secretary


We carry out virtual administrative tasks such as electronic document filing, data entry, copying, scanning, maintaining contact lists, opening and distributing correspondence, and booking travel arrangements among other services. You pick up or take it to your workplace


We take care of providing your clients with information and support regarding the products or services that your company markets. In addition, we take care of channeling claims, complaints, and suggestions. Usually, customer service management is done by phone, but the process can also be managed by email, social media, portals

  • Conflict Management - We receive all suggestions, complaints or claims from customers, register and channel them. In some cases, our work can be extended to correct the damage caused by the company, in case there are evidences or perfectly defined causes. It is key that at the end of each contact the client is satisfied with the attention provided

  • Sales Assistance - We provide information about your company's products and services. For example: if a customer calls because they have questions about a product or service, the representative can give the details or offer a new one, according to their need.

  • Other tasks:

    • Enter new customers

    • Take claims, complaints and suggestions

    • Respond to balance or account inquiries

    • Give information on opening hours and availability of products or services


We manage, plan, coordinate, and follow up on all the activities and resources assigned to your project so that its execution meets the goals or “milestones” in the established time and with the budgeted costs.


We offer the best social media management service to increase your online presence and discover potential clients. As part of our work we manage and create content on your social networks. We start from scratch, we perform an analysis of your social networks to optimize visibility and reach with proven strategies. If you don't have a graphic designer, we can design the art for the “posts”, create the content and manage to achieve “likes”, “shares”, comments and generate traffic. Additionally, we configure the profile of your audience to correctly target your prospective clients.

Let's Start Working Together!

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