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At Virtual Secretary we don't just answer your phone and receive a message like many medical response services. We differentiate ourselves by providing a full-service appointment scheduling solution for medical practices and physician groups seeking to increase their income, improve the patient experience, and reduce expenses.

How does it work

Our approach is collaborative and communicative with the patient to give them a personalized appointment scheduling approach that includes additional processes such as:

  • Patient Eligibility Verification

  • Creation of Patient Records

  • We provide instructions and information to patients

    • Acknowledgments and Consents for Health Information Management

    • Letter of Law and Duties to the Patient

    • Privacy policies

The benefits are greater when you choose comprehensive appointment scheduling over traditional medical response services.

In addition to all the typical benefits and features of our appointment scheduling service, our experience enables us to provide additional value to our clients in the healthcare field.

I mean

  • We routinely perform the following functions in different Billing Systems and Medical Records commonly used in the medical industry:

    • Verify patient information

    • Creation of Medical Records

    • Insurance Coverage Eligibility Verification

    • Schedule or change appointments on your calendar

  • We understand insurance eligibility verification procedures and can design processes that ensure that only eligible patients have a scheduled appointment.

  • We optimize the use of our phone system to route appointment-related calls to our professionals, while routing non-appointment calls to your staff as they become available.

  • We work directly with your staff to resolve non-appointment calls that come our way

  • We are used to scheduling appointments for practices or medical groups with multiple locations, using interactive maps to determine the best location for each patient, in an effort to maximize appointments at each location

  • We routinely provide patients with specific instructions on what to bring to their appointment and give directions to their office.

At Virtual Secretary, we make it easy for you to take full advantage of the benefits and features of our appointment scheduling service.

Let's Start Working Together!

  • INCREASE APPOINTMENTS - We provide your office with extended business hours and coverage during lunch breaks or absences to make sure you don't miss out on scheduling more appointments.

  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE - Our professional receptionists provide a personalized service that represents your practice.

  • WE IMPROVE THE PATIENT EXPERIENCE - We free reception staff to better serve their patients in the office

  • PAY ONLY FOR PRODUCTIVE TIME - Our rates are based on phone minutes used, which means you don't pay for non-productive time of employees

  • REDUCE HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS - We hire, train, and support employees, reducing the burden on Human Resources.

  • RELIABLE AND SECURE - We can guarantee you uninterrupted service using our highly secure (HIPAA and PCI Compliant) and flexible cloud-based technology.

  • LESS OPERATIONAL EXPENSES - Our service minimizes the need to dedicate staff and space for scheduling appointments.

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